Working together for personal gain

Working together for personal gain

Proposing a pan-industrial collective procurement platform   The world economy is going through a rough patch. The stock markets are in turmoil, Japan is slowly recovering from the tsunami and the European Union is in serious trouble, not just because of the weaker economies of its southern members: even Powerhouse Germany almost came to a … Continue reading

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

Rory Sutherland - Perspective is everything

    Rory Sutherland believes that happiness is a matter of perception – a handy take coming from the Vice Chairman of the Ogilvy Group. A great speaker and, seemingly, a very charming man, Sutherland may not unveil groundbreaking discoveries, but his address is highly entertaining, as a chat with a sharp, competent and witty … Continue reading

The world in February

A masterclass in deception

February was a month of big announcements and breakthroughs. The 35-dollar computer went on sale – not every man’s toy but certainly an interesting project, it comes with a less advanced 25-dollar version for those among us who are really tight. Belgian medics have successfully implanted a titanium jaw manufactured on a 3D-printer, making an … Continue reading

The world in November

Naughty colours

Turbulent times: while the media discuss various scenarios of the allegedly looming economic apocalypse, Apple gets in trouble over poisoning a village in China and Daimler kills the legendary Maybach brand. Vigilant advertising watchdog ASA has noticed that Lynx ads are a touch too frivolous and may even be inappropriate for children. Lynx retaliated with … Continue reading

The world in September

With the untimely death of Steve Jobs, the next few weeks will surely be overblown with millions of fairly similar articles touting various combinations of “brave”, “visionary” and “genius”. Should anything interesting be actually crafted on the subject, I will cover it in the next digest. Marketing Some Nuts How dull are pistachio nuts? A … Continue reading

The world in May

What a month, oh what a month… LinkedIn and Yandex went public; Microsoft acquired Skype ahead of Facebook and Google; Facebook and Cadbury both attempted PR suicides; Spotify struck a deal with Facebook; Yahoo acquired an unprofitable company for 28 times its recent annual revenue- the list could go on and on. The last month … Continue reading

The world in April

The future where people would not move from their chairs, spending lives in virtual reality seems to be just around the corner. Social Media are becoming increasingly more popular and, thus, important. The number of tweets posted daily has tripled in a year. French rockers have played live on Twitter- what would Keith Richards think … Continue reading


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